The Replica Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Navy Blue 39mm Dive Watches Introducing

Searching in the new Blue, replica Tudor has incorporated the colour, that we would call lighter and much more gray compared to bezel from the Black Bay “Night time Blue” and somewhat less saturated compared to blue employed for the truly excellent Pelagos Blue, while opting to keep the main Tudor Black Bay replica design language. So there exists a gold coin-edge bezel, circular hour markers, no drilled lugs, and white-colored lume that glows vibrant eco-friendly.

The Case

Holding in keeping with its gilt brother or sister, the case remains 39mm wide, 11.9mm thick, including the boxed azure very, and 47mm lug to lug. Water proofing is 200m having a high-quality crown, and also the lug width is really a strap-change friendly 20mm. It’s literally exactly the same watch superbly included in Stephen this past year, however in blue, and with no gilt accents.

The Replica Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Navy Blue 39mm Dive Watches Introducing

To my eyes, this is actually the greatest of the pair, but I must express a. I do not personally take care of gilt accents, and that i find it difficult looking towards another black-dial dive watch from Tudor or Rolex replica, for instance. As I wasn’t initially thrilled through the released images, the timepiece is just incredible personally.

The Strap

Nowhere is warm although not cartoonish, and also the bezel is a lot more matte compared to the replica Tudor Black Bay Blue. Furthermore, I believe it’s extra fun to determine a blue/blue colorway on the smaller sized steel dive watch from Tudor considering that this unique vibe has lengthy been restricted to individuals that may pony up for any white-colored gold Sub.

Such as the black/gilt BB58, the Deep Blue is just perfect on wrist. It sits low and flat and feels great on everything from rubber to some NATO, leather, or even the offered bracelet. My loaner was delivered on the lovely silver-striped blue fabric strap that appears good and feels great. That stated, this watch screams for whether NATO or perhaps an MN-style stitched elastic parachute strap. Never fear, I’ve for both just such occasions.

The Bezel

The bezel remains among the best in the industry without any slop, along with a lovely 60-click action that never sounds cheap or tinny. Individuals individuals who frequently put on a large cost selection of watches for diving realize that the bezel and also the crown are where one can feel your hard earned money being spent. Within this case, there isn’t any doubt that you are operating a really well-crafted watch.

The Replica Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Navy Blue 39mm Dive Watches Introducing

As we’ve come to anticipate from most replica Tudor Black Bay models, the Fifty-Eight Deep Blue is operated by a Tudor manufacture movement, the MT5402. COSC-certified and ticking at 4 Hz, this in-house automatic offers 70 hrs of power reserve and it is presently only utilized in the Fifty-Eight line, also it only exists inside a no-date format.

The Dial

Soon after days putting on the Tudor Fifty-Eight Deep Blue on a number of straps as well as in locales that incorporated from my couch towards the awesome waters of the unnamed lake in Ontario for a little bit of snorkeling, the 550d seems to feel both special and toolish simultaneously. It’s nearly as though Tudor has had the ability to go ahead and take hard-putting on dive-ready charm from the Snowflake, and add only a pinch from the benefit of the white-colored gold Rolex Submariner replica I formerly pointed out.

Everything Stephen stated concerning the black/gilt model stands, and I have spent a couple of days with this watch on my small wrist, it’s a lovely factor, but make no mistake, nowhere swings way harder than only a new color. At first glance, this really is perhaps a dull and absolutely foreseeable growth of the replica Tudor Fifty-Eight line. Blue dial sport watches are popular, Tudor has lots of great examples within their past, what exactly have you expect? A Black Bay Rainbow?

The Price

Being an aside, this past year they gave us something weird and fun and special within the P01, and individuals went full-up with the gnashing of teeth. This season they provide a powerful consumer-grade wide-market watch within the 79030B, and a few still have the ability to complain. Could it be the same people? I question. Before I fall deeply asleep.

The Replica Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Navy Blue 39mm Dive Watches Introducing

Let us remember the Black Bay may be the brand’s core, especially with regards to the desirable and frequently hard-to-buy Fifty-Eight. Where the 79030N is fried potatoes, the 79030B is onion rings. Any menu must have both. And I’ll let you know what, I’d choose the rings. In either case, fries or rings, you’re searching at $126 for either the material or even the new “soft touch” synthetic strap, or $129 around the steel bracelet.

Only at that cost, the Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight replica remains an outstanding value for individuals wanting a Submariner-like experience that’s directly styled by Tudor’s past, however the Fifty-Eight isn’t without competition. We’re within the throes of Hot Dive Watch Summer time, and also the new Fifty-Eight joins an increasing rank of really incredible enthusiast-focused product within the type of watches for diving around ~40mm.

The Conclusion

Among individuals ranks, the Tudor is perhaps the very best dog with regards to the cost point, and in case you have a smaller sized budget, the brand new 40.5mm Seiko SPB Prospex models are-stars for under $1,500. That stated, the Seiko isn’t competition for that Tudor, especially inside the outlook during the broader consumer market.

The Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight “Deep Blue” replica watch is really a dive watch that measures 39 x 11.9 x 47mm while offering 200m water proofing. It’s operated by a COSC-certified Tudor manufacture MT5402 and it is a blue dial/blue bezel form of the 2018 black/gilt Black Bay Fifty-Eight. The Fifty-Eight “Deep Blue” retails from $3,375 and much more information are available on Tudor’s website. You can learn more info and buy replica Tudor Black Bay watches online at, during Summer Day, get 10% coupon with two or more watches.